3rd Anniversary of Musicjunky Bookings & Records

I`m a Sloth, Helmi`s Nightmare, Chris Magerl, Dynamo Mühlschüttel, Rebell Bagatell, Iron Snag Joe, Honest Lie, Mighty Maggots, Salamirecorder

Musicjunky Bookings & Records Cafe Carina

Freigang, S.I.G, Leberzerroze

Musicjunky Bookings & Records Arena Wien

Honest Lie

Noback Booking

Reigen: Johnny from the Rotten, Wet Spinach, Far from autumn

Cafe Carina: Iron Snag Joe, EWATDW

Musicjunky Bookings & Records /  Arena Wien

Noback Booking Cafe Carina, Coco Bar, Viper Room

Rebell Bagatell / Arena Musicjunky Bookings&Records

Hurricane-Season Punk, Here for a Reason, Dynamo Mühlschüttel / Musicjunky Booking&Records / Cafe Carina

Discorrected, EWATDW / Noback Booking / Viper Room

Far From Autumn, Gio Iacenda / Noback Booking / Coco Bar

Andreas Burani / Salzburg


Musicjunky Bookings & Records / B72, Cafe Carina

Noback Booking / Viper Room, Cafe Carina

Hugs of the sky, Stefanie Koscher / Musicjunky Booking&Records / B72

Toothwalkerz, TLS / Musicjunky Booking&Records / Cafe Carina


Far From Autumn / Noback Booking / Viper Room

EWATDW / Noback Booking / Cafe Carina

Musicjunky Bookings & Records

Mürzzuschlag Musikschule

Freigang, The Sino Hearts / Coco Bar

Mommy is mental, SN&TC /  Cafe Carina 

Doc Rotten, Vandans, The Shaftons / Kramladen


Mürzzuschlag Musikschule 

St. Barbara Dixielanders,  Mustang Sally & The Gang